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2017 KIDS are HERE!

2017 kids at TANBRIT

Please email sjinnah@hotmail.com for questions

Penelope the mini donkey is busy looking after the kids.

2012 KIDS

Enjoy these photos of 2012 Tanbrit Tiny kids - colorful and playful!




*(NOTE)*All kids are vaccinated, disbudded, and wormed. Goat care information is given and always available. Many of the Goats have blue eyes.

Mini Nubian kids 1st Generation


Name: Bluebell
Date of birth:
December 31, 2013

Dam: Nutfarm Emily
Sire: Beagle Run Donatello
*blue eyes*


Mini Nubian kids 5th Generation


Name: Liesl
Date of birth:
December 31, 2013

Dam: Goat Feathers Farm periwinkle
Sire: Stoney Ridges Tristan




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